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Meet Dot Mechtenberg

Dot Mechtenberg talks about her Comprehensive Wealth Management Services with Host Chris Kane.

You Need a Financial Advisor Who Is on Your Side!

Do you ever wonder whose side your financial advisor is really on?

You should never have to question such a fundamental part of the relationship with your financial service provider.

Some brokers and financial advisors earn their living from commissions for stocks bought and sold. This tends to encourage lots of buying, selling and moving of investments. Research supports that this approach is not the most productive one for clients.

I concentrate on investment strategies and products that are designed for your individual needs, based on what you tell me about your goals and preferences. Recommendations focus on fit for you, not on commissions for me.

My role as your financial advisor is to understand your individual situation and provide the caring guidance you need for a confident financial future. My responsibility also includes acting as a financial advocate and resource during your retirement years, helping to review and adjust your investment portfolio as needed.

Let’s face it, if you can’t fully trust your financial advisor it’s worth considering whether you’re partnered with the right person.

My credentials are extensive and with more than 40 years of experience and a wide variety of clients, I won’t claim to have seen it all . . . but close. ( See Dot’s Credentials) Add to this technical depth the high energy and inquisitive nature of my staff and this office buzzes!

If you have questions about retiring, investing or just want to learn how a financial advisor can help you, let’s arrange a meeting. Our initial appointment is private, confidential and free. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, get to know you a bit, tell you a little about myself and see if we’ll make a good team.

Call or email me today; no time like the present!